From the Lanes of Amber Fort

Amer (Amber) fort took us with wow, being the last one we visited while at Jaipur. The architectural wonder makes one to ponder on the constructional design details. There is story behind every pillar and every construction corner.   The photograph is the front view as seen from the fort entrance. We heard that they grew Kesar so that the air carried the aroma to the fort.   

One of 100 such pictures that you can take at Amer

While in the name of modern architecture most of our constructions lack air and light in the day time, the fort has a reason for every element that is placed to it. I could relate and feel many of the modern elements that are being borrowed from these designs. I am keeping them for my personal endeavors and I am not sure if anyone else bothers to see them that way.  

Everything around the fort is connected. It is connected to nature, people, mind set and anything that lives and thrives in the vicinity. The minute design elements, the walk way for back-then animals, the structure of gardens, the view to acres of surroundings, etc. everything is in relation and support to each other. The effort in acoustics and pattern design would have taken decades for its completion, for everything being carved and structured on the mountains.

I had never been to a fort before. I hope I will be visiting many ahead in the future. A lot many.


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