July Rains

I also hope I have resolution rains. Though it gets messy, I love the rainy season for it has a goody feel. I have completed my 4 weeks of internship in June and there is still a lot to go. I want to continue my reading theme for July, the one I started in June. I had several unexpected presentation and also a PhD interview (It went amazing by the way). I am revisiting my June resolutions with do-able modifications. The ones that were in June and not here are the ones that I completed (6.4 and 6.7).


7.1 Complete reading at least seven novels (target is more than 5000 pages)

(I only did like 100 pages in June)

7.2 Read more than 200 research papers on problem-based learning

(Could complete around 70 in June)

7.3 Complete the 11-week internship tasks rolled out

(Could complete of around 6 weeks and more)

7.4 Write a mini-thesis of 200 pages

(Completed 30 pages in June)

7.5 Complete 3 MOOC courses on Coursera

7.6 Write at least 7 research papers

7.7 Complete camp NaNoWriMo (Editing of AGC)

7.8 Take at least three trips and more, and live most moments

I am sure the July version of me will be a lot messed up (Oh, I am! ) A happy mess-up.


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