More May’s in June?

While I closed my Project May on a happy note, indeed a very happy note, it’s already day five of June. I took a break on the first day of June just to wrap my head around and look back on how the month had passed. I mean it when I say that there have been days in May where I have over-lived. Sleep did not matter, nor did many other things, and I looked forward to each day and night. My Project-May diary dances out with pictures and memories in every resemblance to happily-ever-after stories.

My workplace has planned an internship for me of 11 weeks which started on 2 June. I have been given a set of objectives to be completed with weekly deadlines. I plan to complete my 11 weeks of work in 4 weeks and then challenge the team with more work. Well, here are my resolutions for the month June. I have one theme for this month, and it will be ‘Reading’. I want to read through June as much as an average person reads in a year.


6.1 Complete reading at least seven novels (target is more than 5000 pages)

6.2 Read more than 200 research papers on problem-based learning

6.3 Complete the 11-week internship tasks rolled out

6.4 Run a four-day course on Model Thinking

6.5 Write a mini-thesis of 100 pages

6.6 Complete 3 MOOC courses

6.7 Host a session on conducting a literature survey

6.8 Write the first drafts of at least 10 research papers

I am sure the July version of me will be a lot messed up! A happy mess-up.

5 thoughts on “More May’s in June?

  1. […] and there is still a lot to go. I want to continue my reading theme for July, the one I started in June. I had several unexpected presentation and also a PhD interview (It went amazing by the way). I am […]


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