It’s April of 2022 and Day 24 of the A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing the theme – “Wordy Wonders.” I am selecting words that have deeper and graceful meanings, from across the globe and an eight-line poem along

Day 24 – Xyresic

Origin: English

Meaning: sharp as a razor.


A clumsy knot,
Entered a contest,
Of untie-the-knot.
The clumsy knot,
Melted to ashes
Xyresic, was,
The god of poems.

We never know what is more powerful than the other until we see it in a real battle.  A poem can melt the hard-hearted.

Word Pronunciation: Zy-ress-ik


10 thoughts on “Xyresic

  1. The Knot touched the hard-hearted sir😅
    And here is mine…

    A robust heart,
    Raced to find another one,
    Flying and jumping.
    The poor heart,
    Flared to clinker,
    The angel of Beauty.

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