It’s April of 2022 and Day 22 of the A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing the theme – “Wordy Wonders.” I am selecting words that have deeper and graceful meanings, from across the globe and an eight-line poem along

Day 22– Vacilando

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Appreciating the travel than the destination and knowing that is more important.


If you truly see,
Destination is a myth.
All that is there,
Is a journey,
On and going,
Into the bliss.
Is the only real.

We all are set for the travel and there is no meaning in waiting for the destination to arrive. Living the moments we get, is all we got.

Word Pronunciation: vah-SEE-lan-doh

4 thoughts on “Vacilando

  1. If I seek a lovlier part,
    Where I travel goes my heart.
    Loved the journeys,
    More than where they ended,
    Destination is an euphoria,
    But it’s all about the path you take.
    Is what one feels.

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