Making the Most of March 2022

Yearly resolutions have been my thing, but then, this year, I decided why not bring in the same excitement every month? We are alreading starting the third month of 2022 soon and I am as excited as I would be on the night of December 31. I have loved and cherished January and February and want to keep the march special. I am expecting travels and some really good celebrations. Making the best of what we have is what we got to do and that has been a major life lesson for the past two years or so.

Here is how I want my march to be. The minimum’s to be honest. (I am already excited while I chart out these plans and points)

For the Love of Reading and Writing

3.1 Read and complete 6 novels as a part of Goodreads challenge

3.2 Work on novel for 20 hours

3.3 Start editing – ‘Between Blue and Blue’ and spend at least 5 hours

3.4 Design two themes for April A to Z challenge

3.5 Write 10 general blog posts (Its PH)

3.6 Write 5 technical blog posts (PH Bytes)

3.7 Write 7 short poems on Instagram (prakash.hegade)

3.8. Start, complete and publish the ebook – Bit Codes

3.9 Define – Symphony of Words

3.10 Submit an article to a contest/anthology


3.11 Design and draft two work proposals

3.12 Complete two MOOC courses on Qualitative and Quantitative research methods

3.13 Read 25 research papers

3.14 Write 50 pages for thesis

3.15 Work on Knit Algorithm components for at least 10 hours

3.16 Submit one research paper

3.17 Involve and contribute in other’s research work (as a research participant)

3.18 Host a workshop or a session

3.19 Present and validate the current research progress

3.20 Propose for collaboration work


3.21 Exercise for alteast 23 days

3.22 Watch 3 movies

3.23 Complete ‘This is Us’ Season 2

3.24 Live the real at ph_logs

3.25 Suprise Yourself

3.26 Celebrate


January Lookback

February, Where did you go?


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