February – Where did you go?

I know 28 days are far shorter than 30 or 31 even though there is only a difference of a few hours per se. Not the first time, I have witnessed the second month of the year going by like ‘where-did-the-month-go’! I had quite a few goals for February and also there were many unexpected events. I did my best. I want to continue to do that ahead as well. So, here is a post I made to set the goals: February 2022 – Pledges, and here is how it went:

2.1 Read and complete 5 novels with a total count of 10 books read on Goodreads – completed 4 out of 5.

2.2 Write 6 blogposts on itsphblog – the fifth one will be done by end of the day.

2.3 Write 4 blogposts on itsphbytes  – did one

2.4 Post at least 7 short poems on Instagram prakash.hegade – posted 5

2.5 Live the real at ph_logs – living the real and no-filters

2.6 Spend 15 hours on novel editing work – I did spend 5

2.7 Complete and publish the ebook – Bit Codes – pushing this to march and not really proud of

2.8. Read 20 research papers and write a summary – I managed to complete 5

2.9. Submit one research paper on engineering education to any conference – work-in-progress

2.10 Complete 5 MOOC courses – I could not even touch. I got held up with alternates and I really don’t want to take this guilt

2.11 Watch at least 3 movies – 3 in theatres (Love Mocktail 2 [Kannada], Uncharted [English], and Gangubai Kathiawadi [Hindi])

2.12 Start a new series and complete 1 season – completed ‘This is Us’ season 1. Best family drama made ever!

2.13 Exercise at least 20 days – done and proud

2.14 Submit one article for an anthology – done and happily satisfied

2.15 Spend 20 hours on Knit Algorithm – I guess I did more

2.16 Write 5 significant insights about problem-based learning – did one

2.17 Write at least 20 pages for the thesis – did none

2.18 Creat a learning track for APS (15 days track) – completed

2.19 Start the ‘Symphony of Words’ journals – yet to start, I am not getting the root yet

2.20 Surprise yourself – live the moments – did, many, often, lived and loved it

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