From the Diary of Traditions

I have been told that my grandfather used to love Kesari Bath, and he inherited it because his mother used to love it. He started cooking it for his mother’s obituary, and it has now been a tradition that all his kids pour all their love to cook the dish for his day. Not a year has been passed without cooking the dish on his obituary. I see that human behavior gets carried for more than what we think. I also wonder what legacy I would leave behind, and would my kids do anything like that? Well, I might leave a long list on the menu in case, starting with Gulab Jamoon’s.

Kesari Bath in making

The food served for the day usually has home-cooked nine items (navarasas) to tickle each kind of taste bud. Lunch is the major hero for the day, and it usually ends with lots of gossips, playing cards, and more food.


4 thoughts on “From the Diary of Traditions

  1. Hello sir,
    I am Narendra Thota from E division kletech cs student tomorrow is my esa exam and
    i found ur site while reading ur notes , the notes u made are really easy to understand and its our bad luck to not having u as a course teacher for dsa , i hope u come for upcoming semister.

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