Forever, For a Way Out

Love, in and out.

He – I’m not too fond of this change. I pity the kids of this decade.

She – Why do you think there is a change?

He – Don’t you see these technology kids? Remember what it was when we were? Don’t you see the difference?

She – What do you mean?

He – The first thing we ever did after coming back from school was to rush to the ground. We had quick snacks after school only because mother wanted us to have them. Until the sunset, the playground was ours.  Most of the time, beyond the sunset, we played and later searched for the lost ball in the dark. And our ball was also many a time a paper wrap around the stone. The knee injury did not stop our play—neither the neighbors scolding’s. Nothing did. Will we ever get back our time?

She – Do you remember my birthday? A piece of cake, one biscuit, few chips, one glass of mango juice and that was a great party. You all used to call me rich because I also used to give chocolate along with all that.

He – Now that precisely is what I am telling you. Have you seen these kids? They come back home and sit in front of their mobile. They play with fingers, and they don’t even get dirty. They fall sick often and look at them.

She – I see you. But do you remember what our parents used to tell us? They used to tell us that we are not even living half of what their childhood was. They used to tease us the same. They called us different, and they mocked us. Maybe it’s all the same. We enjoyed our time. They compared us with theirs and said us ugly. You are now comparing ours with new and calling them ugly.

He – But, there is a difference. Don’t you see? Did we have phones? Did we have internet?

She – That is what we were compared with as well. Our older generation did not have electricity. They compared us with that and many other things. Time changes what we are at and how we live. So has happened. We got to accept and move on. We cannot say ours was best and theirs isn’t.  

He – But, no. this is different. They don’t even play outside.

She – Have you seen the number of people who are health conscious? People who go to the gym? Those who stay fit? Even our generation had all this. The population set was different, and the era was different. I feel our settings have changed. One way or the other, everything still exists in one form or the other.

He – But,

She – No. No But. Remember when my dad got transferred? And we moved to another town? Was it high school?

He – How can I forget that? I would never. Yes.

She – Do you remember how difficult it was to keep in touch? Do you even remember what we did?

He – that was the best time ever. We were friends who wanted to stay in touch. We had cried three whole days when the news was out. We said we would talk on call and write letters.

She – and?

He – We did. Once in a fortnight, you called, and another fortnight later, I called. One call a month. It was Sundays because telephone charges were cheaper on Sundays. Then, we used to write letters frequently. We used to write in letters about what we will talk about when we call. That was funny.

She – And now, do you see how easy it is now to do that? We don’t need to wait hours and days. A simple video call. Seconds.

He – But, that wait made me miss you more. It was beautiful. I felt elated to write you letters. I loved the wait to hear your voice overcall. I longed for those holidays where we got to meet once a year. It made me curious about my goals.

She – ah, I had that too. I used to finish my home works quickly and make time to write you letters. Hey, do you remember how both of us had challenged to score more than 90% so that we both would end up in the same college?

He – Yes. And the sad part is that kids these days score a 100% and are still unhappy. A 100%. A 100%? How is that meaningfully possible? How can a student score 100%, and what does that even mean? Has the student mastered the entire course? Where is the learning?

She – do you know when our parents studied, 70% used to be state toppers?

He – But, you see the difference right. 70, 90, and 100 are not the same. It was not supposed to be this way.

She – Maybe they all got a lot competitive.

He – At the cost of what? Impatience? Less knowledge? Less experience? Less play?

She – That is debatable. But they have become ambitious. They know what they want.

He – How healthy is that? The ones who lag in basics and core foundations but want to build a nation. If the foundation isn’t strong, how tall can something grow?

She – Again, that can go long. And for everything, time will tell.

He – Do you remember our source of entertainment? If we liked a song, we had to wait for that until they played it again on TV. A movie was luxury and once in a while in theatre. Rich ones had internet and pen drives.

She – and you did write love songs for me. Look at you all red and blushing.

He – oh, yes. That was sweet. I used to listen to songs using a tape recorder. The cassettes were all we had. I remember paying 5 rupees per song and getting a customized track-ready from the shopkeeper. Your favorites were mine. Ours.

She – Those were the days!

He – and now what? They don’t know the importance of wait. They have everything at their fingertips. That is exactly why they don’t value anything. Technology has spoilt a lot of things. Real talent has faded away.

She – And can we do? We brought it for us. We wanted change. We innovated it. It was our livelihood. We cannot complain now.

He – But,

She – I know you have your buts, but, you see, the world has to move on. It has to accept changes. It has to fight. It has to make a move. It has to grow.

He – What is a good and meaningful ‘way out’?

She – There is no ‘way out.’ There is only ‘living along with.’  The ‘way out’ could take forever.

He – you know, I am so glad that we fell in love when things were simpler. We liked each other for what we saw in real and not what we saw of each other on the internet. I am so glad I wanted you to be part of my life, and we found the compatibility, not in days and weeks, but we grew along with time and owned it. I am so glad to have found you, and we worked our ways out, not taking forever and knowing that we both are meant to be for each other.

She – I love you.

He – More and more.

There is a law, laws,
For attraction, of attraction,
Much simple, lot sober,
There is love, in tiny and tots,
There is life, in love and real,
There is a mess, in and around,
There is hard, down and up,
Then, always,
There is a way out,
To fall in love, and,
To be in love.
That love, will take forms,
And always be around, To beckon and behold.

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