January 2022 – Foundation Plans

Resolutions have been my thing. I started them officially, like with proper notes and plans in 2017, and have worked for me in favor since then. Here is what happened in 2018 and then here is how I wrapped up 2019. 2020 has been nothing less and here is how it went: 2020 Highlights. And 2021? Here they go 0s and 1s of 2021.

I however will be changing my strategy for 2022. Like the past years, I wont be making plans for a year long, instead they will be for month long. I guess tracking months will be systematic and more of process oriented than the end goal coming up at December. The inspiration comes from the book I started reading since 01 Jan 2022 – ‘Atomic Habits’ and going for theme based resolutions.

Season Greetings!

What’s the theme for January you ask? But, before that, I want to announce that my theme for Decemebr 2022 will be ‘Celebration‘. Now, if that has to be a celebration, then January has to be a ‘Foundation‘. I want to lay the bricks for the year ahead. Explore, experiment, and express.

My resolutions will come from the areas of: Writing, Reading, Publishing, Research, Profession and Personal. Though I once had plans to first make yearly goals and then break it into months, I want to try this for 2022 and go only for month-wise plan. Here are the foundational check-points that I will be evaluating on 30st Jan 2022. 31st, I will be making plans for February.

January Foundations

1.1 Read and complete 4 novels (Take up Goodreads challenge and set goal of 25 books)

1.2 Write 5 blogposts on itsphblog

1.3 Write 2 blogposts on itsphbytes 

1.4 Post at least 5 short poems on Instagram

1.5 Start a ‘Live it Raw’ handle on Instagram (I started this a little in advance to bring the 2022 vibes. The page is called ph_logs)

1.6 Spend 10 hours on novel editing work

1.7 Write and publish one ebook on Smashwords – Bit Bytes

1.8. Read 20 research papers and write summary

1.9. Submit one research paper on engineering education to the Journal JEET

1.10 Complete 3 MOOC courses

1.11 Watch at least 3 movies (at least one in movie hall)

1.12 Complete watching Flash Season 7

1.13 Exercise at least on 24 days

1.14 Host one workshop

1.15 Spend 10 hours on Knit Algorithm

1.16 Write 5 significant insights about problem-based learning

1.17 Write at least 20 pages for the thesis

1.18 Write 3 thank-you letters

1.19 Start the ‘Symphony of Words’ journals

1.20 Surprise yourself


We started new year with moon light cooking, dinner, dance, a little fire, cheers and then food again. Could not have asked for a better start!

*Welcome 2022*

Well, I am excited for January, already. What are your plans? Do you have resolutions? You can share them as well.

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