NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 27 Blog

My word count stands at 48,502. I plan to write 500 words for the remaining 3 days and earn 50k on the 30th of November. In love with all the badges, I have collected for personal achievements.

Badges as of Day 27

Here is something you can read for day 27 (unedited):

I feel life is about what happens on the day next to a tiring busy day. You work day and night for something and once you finish it, you prefer to eat something good and sleep. I want to call them celebrating dark circles. Those days of satisfaction. The days you have the gratitude for what you did. Sometimes the works end with a positive note and at others, they might not. However, whatever the result was, it calls for a celebration. And life is all about the collection of such moments. One after another, a collection of dark circles.


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