NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 24 Blog

I had a really long tiring day. Could not write as expected. I managed to get a total word count of 44,905 by end of the day. I need a 5k in 5 more days with a weekend coming up. Doable and I am happy.

Here is something you can read for the day:

Should one wait for the ‘success’ to tell their story? The success that is measured with respect to the number of followers and return of investment? Undoubtedly we are setting a wrong social ladder for future generations. While a lot of principles have only remained in the pages of the books, they are studied and answered only in the examinations. When it comes to life and living, we have immensely failed in the game of realization.

Hold on there.

Why not read the struggle stories? Why not read and learn the failures as a failure and nothing to do with success? Why aren’t failures celebrated as much as success is?  Why is a failure valued only when it is related to success? Won’t it deserve a candlelight dinner or a hall of fame?

Hold on there!

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