Australia – Aboriginal Art

It’s April of 2021 and Day 01 of the A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing the theme – “Travel the World.” I am visiting countries from A to Z and presenting stories with 8 line poems.

Day 01 Country: Australia

Aboriginal Australians, the world’s oldest living culture, offer to explore art, spirituality, culture, history, dance, etc. I am selecting their art forms for my post. Australia’s aboriginal art is one of the oldest unbroken traditions of art in the world. The aboriginal art includes several kinds like rock painting, rock carving, dot painting, engravings, paintings from bark, painting on leaves, sand painting, carvings, art via sculptures, weaving, string art, etc.  

As I browse through several arts, I could see that they all have a story to tell. A lesson to learn. An experience to capture for a lifetime. Presented below is one of such paintings on a rock.

Credits: By TimJN1 – Bradshaw Art, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Stories of mud,
Stories of blood,
The intricate relationships,
From earth to sky,
The way you connect,
To you and world,
One, different, many,
Many, same, one.

It’s the journey of realizing that all the many stories we live are all the one; we, attempting to understand nature.

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