Point of No Return


Its April of 2020 and Day 16 of A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing Metaphors. Be it a movie, song, painting, book, idiom, etc. I plan to give a perspective to it with an explanation and a 8 line poem. 


Metaphor: Point of No Return

The 1985 song by Expose, ‘Point of No Return’ talks about being in love deep enough, difficult to return. There is another released by Starset in 2014 which talks about the heartbroken past for which there is no option of return. There is also a 1993 Movie which is about becoming an assassin and no turning back. The first known use of the phrase is noted to be in 1941 which was used in the context of air navigation. The point in the flight of an aircraft beyond which the remaining fuel will be insufficient for a return to the starting point and the craft must proceed – Point of No Return.

The first major metaphorical use of the term in popular culture was in the 1947 novel ‘Point of No Return’ by John P. M. It is a metaphor signifying the point beyond which one must continue on one’s current course of action because turning back is dangerous, physically impossible or difficult, or prohibitively expensive.

I first said,
Then louder,
Then screamed,
Pointed, labelled and classified.
Had made an idiot,
Of myself,
For I was in,
Point of no return.

Be careful on where and what you put yourself in. It might itch, but most of them are glittery ‘I will ruin you’ spots.

22 thoughts on “Point of No Return

  1. FABULOUS poem Prakash!
    I’ve been at ‘the point of no return’ many a time especially when LOVE went wrong….
    What you wrote at the end about glittery “I will ruin you” spots hit home with me. All that is glitters is not gold right? We need to be aware of the situations we go into….because there is always a point of NO return for sure!
    Well done again, Sherri-Ellen

    Liked by 1 person

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