Inside Out


Its April of 2020 and Day 09 of A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing Metaphors. Be it a movie, song, painting, book, idiom, etc. I plan to give a perspective to it with an explanation and a 8 line poem. 


Metaphor: Inside Out

Inside out is a movie released in 2015 by Pixar Animations and Walt Disney (A must watch). The director, Pete Docter, found motivation for the script noticing changes in his daughter’s personality as she grew older. The production team has consulted and revised the script based on the emphasis given by neuropsychological findings (about human emotions) that affect interpersonal relationships.

The movie is a metaphor for human emotions and intellectual feelings, where each is color coded and played by a character. Five personifications of basic emotions of the lead character: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Anger come to life and influence her ways of doing things via a control console. The movie depicts the importance of every emotion and not just happiness.

January’s have got the rain,
Who knows what May will do!
Living has seen a new five,
Inside has let outside thrive,
Happiness is in isolation,
So is it, in every emotion,
Did you take a tour?
Of inside out?

There is something magical beyond the technology and tools. Have you got a chance to experience it? Have you been living it?

11 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Who knows what May will bring indeed. Hopefully, it’s going to be much better than March and April!
    I love that movie. It maybe an animated movie but even adults can take away a huge lesson from the movie. And I love the concept of having characters inside one’s head. I saw the trailer and since then, the movie has been close to my heart. When I watched the movie, I only grew to be more fond of it. Great post! 🙂

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  2. Magic is only ever found outside technology and tools, methinks:)
    “If you believe in magic, you’ll find it.” said Roald Dahl and I trust his wisdom.
    Like your theme of metaphors.

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  3. Magic has always been around us. We were too busy to notice. Beautiful poem, P. The colors of emotions reminds of the auras in paranormal works. Have always been fascinated by those.

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