Who will Educate the Education System?

The Schools, the modern ones, aren’t like the ones before. I had to get my son admitted to Nursery and it was more challenging than my Master’s admission. I did reach out for some schools nearby and here is long story short!

  • There are schools that have entrance test
    • What do they really test from a three year old? I am adding some yay’s, as parents have entrance test too
  • There are schools which mandate to use their food, bus service, etc
    • What’s the agenda?
  • There are schools that claim to follow Blooms’ taxonomy in teaching learning process
    • That’s insane! we follow it so-so at engineering
  • There are schools that have regular tests and exams
    • Aren’t they supposed to be playing and learn few things on the go?
  • There are schools which don’t take kids who aren’t rota-virus vaccinated
    • Its costs 10k+ and is not a mandatory vaccine in India

The hilarious part is that I was almost petrified hearing the fee structure as it was more than what my entire engineering degree costed. No, it’s not about money. The question is – is it really worthy for a Nursery Education? Aren’t Nursery kids supposed to play, get social, make friends and sing some rhymes? When did education get this formal?

Well, with no guilt, my son is admitted to a nearby government school where the fee including school, books, uniform, etc is less than five thousand. No, like I said earlier, it’s not about the money.  It’s like a play school. They have a simple uniform. There are kids from all kinds of family backgrounds. It looks like a play area. They have seats which get four students seated per bench. There are peers who help each other. Most important of all, my son is happy! He loves going to school. He will be in the same school until he finishes his UKG atleast, for the next three years.

We want him to learn that life exists in its simplest terms and conditions. It’s not a competitive environment. It’s not about exams and results. Education exists beyond books, exams and protocols.


The rush in the morning to get him ready to school, he kissing bye to his little sister before leaving to school, dropping him to school in the mornings, he being clueless during prayers (prayers also include regional songs, day details, birthday song if any celebrating), he running around corridors in the school, that different face when at school, being excited to talk to friends, well, truly said – Happiness is in little things!

We read and talk and discuss and complain and cry over modern issues but when will we take action against it that makes sense? Are we constrained by our own temporary solutions and limitations? I know there are lot of things that hold us back, but do we need to stay back? I have not been able to answer to a lot of my neighbors on asking why we not got him admitted to a better school. Well, we all have our own definition of ‘better’, don’t we?

While my daughter is curious enough to understand the world and people round her, her brother understands it enough and now has a hundred questions on per day basis to comprehend.  Amidst all the professional and personal commitments, life moves on. At the end of each day, I ask myself,

“Did I hug my kids enough? Did I love them enough?” I don’t think am ever going to find answer for that.


36 thoughts on “Who will Educate the Education System?

  1. I empathize. The fact is that our education system is rotten to the core. Most schools are now run by industrial houses – big and small – and they have let the systemic greed seep into educational institutes, too.

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  2. And that’s not even worse I’ve heard here in North schools intentionally force their student to stay in the same class for an year just to get that extra fee. Now I guess it has become illegal but back in my days teachers use to torture their students and scares the shit out of them.

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  3. What a perfect article to revisit your blog, sir! It is heartening to see you taking the right action against myriad unreasonable demands that our society lionizes. As the father of our nation said: “Whatever you do might be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”
    I am happy you did something very significant for Viven and very important for society.

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  4. Our education system certainly needs a revamping.

    But, what is wrong with Bloom’s Taxonomy? BTW, now it is RBT, Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. It deals with objectives of teaching. A teacher has to plan lessons based on RBT so that Teaching-Learning process is effective. Nothing wrong with that. Teaching should be definitely innovative!!

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  5. Very Realistic problem Which each and every parents are facing now a days sir … Education has become a complete commercial every where ..
    I really liked your thought of government school… It’s an encouraging step to everyone . I am serving an NGO in Bangalore and we had been to a school at Channapatna which is some 2 hours journey from Bangalore, to our utter surprise they follow the Nali Kali system an innovative way of teaching..
    Definitely we should bring some changes or else all there will be no learning, kids just study just not to get scoldings from their parents.

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    • True. They are growing with machines and certainly also becoming one.

      I will check out more on Nali Kali. I a guessing its a government followed means. Because all their text books are named so as well.

      Thank you for adding your thoughts. 🙂

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  6. I don’t have kids but from what I just read, there are schools that have utterly ridiculous standards. Yes, schools have always been about grades and examinations. But it is never a guarantee of a good life. They say school should help prepare individuals to “life”. Are we prepared?

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  7. Our education system is definitely without a doubt crumbling, slowly but surely. Students are being taught, but their will to learn is fading away and being replaced with the fact that they don’t care what happened in the 1700s to historical men. If they update the education system, it’ll be useful and fresh again to where more people will want to be in school.

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  8. My kids are now adults and self sufficient. But I remember the school thing. It was easier for my daughter than my son. We live in Canada and even here it was a tricky business. Both kids went to private schools and benefited from that. But in the end it is our love and emotional support for our kids that is the most important thing. Be a beacon for your son and he will follow you.

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  9. Good to see you have discussed this issue…but its worthless.
    There are few persons like you and including me who are asking some logical questions but nothing is gonna change, because of two reasons…first one is the craze, behind which lots of families are running. and secondly…education now a days is one of the most profitable businesses,so how can the general human beings can stop such a business????

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    • True. It has to be a collective change and people should know that its not a fancy affair.

      Only a collective action and make education a no more business carnival.
      Glad to listen to your thoughts. 🙂

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  10. YIKES!! Prakash some of those Nursery schools sound more like University! You are so right to choose a school your son will be happy in & will actually enjoy. and what you want from a Nursery school is what a Nursery school should be.
    You & your wife made the right choice. And paying more money does not ensure anything really. As long as all are happy & life goes well you DID make the correct choice…..
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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  11. This post got me laughing . your son’s school is actually nice . I seriously do not know why they have to charge that much for a child in nursery , is he learning the world? Here in Nigeria it depends on the standard of the school and the environment that makes people take their child there , if its not worth it then don’t bother you school will go down there are lots of cheap school that looks clean and fine and affordable .

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  12. Its a meaning message for this society, most of the people are not educating the students, doing with a great business in the name of the school. I feel to welcome back the nature of Gurukula.
    “Nursery is greater than Engineering” 🙂

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  13. By the way Engineering is the only course in India where more than 60% of the students enters by CHANCE not by CHOICE. Its the course where 19th century syllabus is thought by 20th century leacturers to the 21st century students.

    Today more than 95% of the graduated students are not skilled enough get placed in the corporations. Here is the interesting story of a student who came running out of interview office.

    Engineering student found running out of interview.

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  14. Viven is going to have the best education at home! How thoughtful are you!! I really hope many parents understand that a hi fi school doesn’t necessarily guarantee good education. 😊

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