Are YOU in the Game?

We all have varied interests and pass times. Some of us find sports exciting, some of us prefer a couch and a book, some of us music and some like that, something else. It’s usually and actually that which keeps us moving ahead in professional life. The personal interests take a major space. It builds a community and provides a culture to dwell.

In the time lapse, there has to be something that you crazily wait for. That you go mad over. That you cry for. That you don’t mind breaking your routine protocols because it’s an intense deep love.  


When I started watching ‘Game of Thrones’, it was season 3 on air. Though my friends had recommended right from season 1, my professional works were stopping me to get that space. I remember completing all the episodes in a week stretch once I started. I had to pause my works. Nothing else mattered to me. I was hooked.

It’s rare that one gets to see a perfectly crafted plot. Heaps of characters speaking of numerous human traits and qualities, the story-line, the internal details, the character building, the background score, the theme songs, the connect, the direction, the actors, the list would go on. Why would someone miss something like that? No wonder there is a major world population glued to it.

The Virus
It’s like a virus. A celebration virus. A virus that will make you put your hands on your chin. A virus that will make you cry. A virus that will put you in a different universe. A virus that will put you in a different zone. A virus that gives you a composition which you can never explain in words. It’s just there, with you! You know what it is! You know how you felt! It made you speechless! It made a minuscule ‘different you’ in ‘you’! Something that you proudly carry.

The Craze
My Monday (IST) early mornings have been different. Different enough to bother at nothing else in the world. Stupid enough to stare at the screen when the episode completes not knowing how exactly to get back to real world. Snooping enough to discuss in family WhatsApp group on what just happened in the new episode.


With only three more episodes left, there is still time to catch up and celebrate the finale along with the world (if you are not at it). We can always debate bringing up our thoughts and conclusions, but, let’s do that over an episode of Game of Thrones. Period.

P.S. This very well applies to every perfect piece ever created. For this time period, it’s GOT.

14 thoughts on “Are YOU in the Game?

  1. Namaste Prakash….it was lovely to read about GoT…I must be the only person who has never watched this show….I know many people who say it is an addiction & they just have to watch it!
    Happy viewing my friend.
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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  2. I think Season 5 was getting ready to start when I said to my husband “I want to watch something with dragons” and he said, “I think Game of Thrones has dragons” and we started watching. We binged the first few seasons and caught up. Since then we have been diehard fans, and started reading the books. We wanted to read the books together, to discuss them, but he is a speed reader and I relish every word. He’s about a book and a half ahead of me now.

    I believe the world-wide appeal is, in part, that it has little relevance to pop-culture. So many books and movies these days include references to things that are well-known to Western culture (or whatever the native culture is, I surmise) but this is an entire world apart. Pop-culture is everywhere. US-related, I’ve composed a PowerPoint about the necessity of understanding The Wizard Of Oz (movie) in order to understand many American references. Baseball is another one.
    Found you through AtoZ. (Yes it’s May, yes I’m still going through the Master List.)
    Doesn’t Speak Klingon

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