Magnum opus


Its April of 2019 and Day 13 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Foreign word/phrase a day and 8 line poem for it.

Word/Phrase: magnum opus
Language: Latin
Meaning: most important work of an artist, writer etc

with miraculous know-how’s,
stand out identities,
the finest of thoughts,
the brightest of colors,
the pathway of insights,
the fountains of grandeur,
the magnum opus,
celebrates in the drawer.

If we keep pushing longer enough and a pinch of self doubt, the best of our works, will make a home in our drawer. Then, it bites the dust!


17 thoughts on “Magnum opus

  1. I guess self-doubt is inherent. I’ve heard that every person felt lost before making a great breakthrough. Even we as mediocre writers are always in self-doubt about our ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. And yes, equally true is the fact that when once a person frees themselves from self-doubt, they become unstoppable.

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