Working Out 2019

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There is something distinctive about this day – December 31. Though it’s yet another day, okay, it’s sure not ‘yet another day’. Like we all celebrate our birthdays, individually, this day is like a birthday which everyone wants to celebrate and that is what makes it special. The whole world as a crowd becomes part of it. It’s not about whom we want to dedicate this day. A calendar or earth or goals or life or something that can make to the list, but it’s about the aspirations this day brings.

The celebration takes its ways.

Some dance, fireworks,
Some read, social networks,
Some family, blog, sleep,
Some something else, beep,
A cake, a celebration, a peace.

It does not matter how we welcome. We have our ways and our ways are always the better ones (of-course to us). What possibly and probably really matters is how we wish to see ourselves for future 365 days and how we evaluated ourselves for the past 365 days. We all need metrics. We all need evaluation. Not to rank or measure but to increase the happiness and satisfaction factor. Time will always bring the new but how good was the old to cherish?

Apart from those greetings, wishes and forwards, most of us try to bring out a new version of ourselves and that is what matters. I started having resolutions since 2017 and it has worked for me in most amazing way. Here is what happened in 2018.

Here is what I want to see in 2019:

  • Make atleast 150 general blog posts on itsphblog
  • Post 120 technical blog posts in itsphbytes
  • Read a minimum of 100 research papers and document them
  • Read 20 novels taking up Goodreads Challenge
  • Participate in Camps and NaNoWriMo (Work as ML in November, Camps in April and July)
  • Take A-Z blogging challenge in April
  • Get 20 top posts on IndiBlogger
  • Write 10 ebooks (smashwords)
  • Conduct atleast 5 workshops on various domains (writing to research)
  • Finish 5 new courses
  • Get 5 papers published (with collaborated research)
  • Get hard copy published for ‘i 4 you’ and release ‘things in Nothing’ as ebook.
  • Build atleast 10 workable components for Knit Algorithm
  • Build a better profile for our company – Knit Arena
  • Work in an entrepreneurship environment to get better insights in Hubballi
  • Get a better Coder Portfolio
  • Teach a new course
  • Always try something new, often and more

Walk, Run or Stop, the plan is to ride along 2019.


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38 thoughts on “Working Out 2019

  1. Great post Prakash!
    I will admit Dec. 31st as in yesterday I spent mostly crying & grieving over the absence of Purrince Siddhartha Henry. It was like a dam burst & all the sadness, pain & loss came out of me. It was like a ‘purging’ of my heart & soul. I was up until 3 A.M. this morning….I finally slept & awoke @ 10:30 A.M. No tears today just being quiet & getting things caught up: diary, blog replies; FB et cetra…
    My resolutions are:
    1) to continue Counselling & EMDR treatments.
    2) to NOT feed into others’ negativity.
    3) to treat people with more respect.
    4) be gentle with myself & others.
    5) take good care of BellaDharma.
    I think that is a good enough list to start with….. 😉
    Happy 2019 Prakash to you & your wonderful little family.
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

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  2. Belated happy new year wishes to you Prakash and I hope you are managing your aspirations well and making progress achieving your goals – it is a very ambitious list indeed! I’ve been mostly away from blogging often these last few months also, so was very pleased to notice your latest AtoZ post notification in my email. I’m not sure if I’m taking part yet & if so will be making a late start, but I’ll be keen to return and read your posts throughout the month. Best wishes to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot and wishes to you too. So far so good. A little hectic but on it. I have been on-off too a lately. But did not wanted to miss A to Z. Do start if time permits. Thanks a lot. Means a lot to me. 🙂

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