Anger from A to Z


Its April of 2018 and Day 01 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing ‘Emotion’ a day picked from the bag of life, with an 8 line poem and a thought.

A is Anger.

Not for good,
Not for a change,
Not for morale,
Neither for any made up reason,
Is welcomed.
But still,
It could bring love!


16 thoughts on “Anger from A to Z

  1. Unexpected! We usually hear manage that anger – learn or deal – etc but love how u it’s what it leads to?! Love? Well perhaps – and the part about feel – indeed – sometimes a righteous anger means we as alive well done

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  2. Interesting poem Prakash….it made me think of ‘righteous anger’…..not sure if you have heard that term?
    It is actually in the bible & supposedly only G-D has righteous anger. I can tell you I express righteous anger when I see people being belittled or taken advantage of…..being someone’s ‘voice’ is very important to me!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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