19 thoughts on “He & She

  1. Excellent Prakash!
    Thank you for standing up for gender equality. Back in 1974-79 when I was the ONLY female Tow Truck Operator I was a curiosity for many. Here today there are MANY female Tow Operators & I am proud to have been the first!!!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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      • I actually wanted to be a Plumber but my family were horrified at the thought!! I had NO idea what I wanted to be….I fell into Tow Trucking by chance & fell in love with the work, lifestyle & the fact I could help people stranded on roads & highways…..
        I also had a love of medicine so that is why I went into Nursing…..
        What I’ve since figured out I would have LOVED to be a Paramedic. But they are relatively new as First Responders in my country!

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          • The 1970’s were an interesting time to be alive Prakash. Women were starting to do jobs only men had done previously. It was a time of exploration for many of us! I even worked as a Punch Press Operator. It was a gigantic floor to ceiling machine & there was little (120 lb) me running it like one of the men! it was a good feeling. Tow Trucking was fabulous. I loved being the only female in the ‘BIZ’….I got a lot of respect….miss those days!

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