IBMC Challengers – February 2018

This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of February 2018. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016 and a part of WordPress Event which can be found HERE.


Deb from the blog Twenty Four is the Forty Seventh blogger to complete the challenge. Reading all the ten challenges has been a fun journey to me. They carry well framed thoughts and messages.  The first one can be found here: Phase a Paragraph Challenge.

Miss Andi from the blog A Journey to Courageous Living has initiated the challenge and completed the first one. The post can be found here: Tick Tock Tick Tock.  


‘Thank you’ to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)

A list of all the completed challengers can be found HERE


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