Hello Vantablack!

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We fall in love everyday.

With a thought, with a lyric,
With an attraction, with a face,
With a person, personality,
With a mood, moment,
With a hate, quality,
With a shit, with a crap.

Deep down,
Hello – Vantablack!

Vantablack is one of the darkest artificial substances known, absorbing up to 99.965% of radiation in the visible spectrum.

17 thoughts on “Hello Vantablack!

  1. Not only did I learn a new word I learned a new concept Prakash! What you wrote in the poem is so true….we can fall in love with an idea, thought, mood as you say & then those things fall into Vantablack……I know they do with me. Like my Soul just swallows those idea/thoughts up & they are gone…….
    Happy New Year again!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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