Talking of Books and 2017

Yayy!  and here is why!


I know 20 is lot less but with the workload and things that go into my plate, I am pretty excited to complete my Goodreads 2017 challenge.

Here is how I am going to put the 20 into different buckets!

Bucket 01: The Top-Notch – Exceptionally good


Bucket 02: The Gems – loved and enjoyed reading them

Bucket 03: The good good reads

Bucket 04: The good reads

Bucket 05: Could have ignored them!

Well, I have decided to double the number for 2018 and I am already excited.

We all have our own interests and reading habits with respect to books and genres. If your classification matches mine, I would sure love to hear some recommendations.

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16 thoughts on “Talking of Books and 2017

  1. I have read forty rules of love which a friend recommended and it was beautiful. Since now you have read about Rumi and your interest in him might have increased, I recommend you read – The essential Rumi translated by Coleman Barks. It’s a beautiful collection of Rumi’s brilliant poems.
    Norwegian wood by Murakami since you found Kafka to be good.
    Your post inspires me to do a similar post on my reads.

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