Thank You Jeeves – Book Review


My first Wodehouse and certainly wont be the last. Immediately ordered two more and my next read, sometime soon, is going to be ‘Pigs Have Wings’.  Thoroughly enjoyed the light humor. I am glad to have picked this one!

Jeeves is definitely a savior and an honest companion to Bertie Wooster. For every twist the life brings, Jeeves has a solution that can give a turn. The best part is that there are more in the series. Have you read them too?

8 thoughts on “Thank You Jeeves – Book Review

  1. Did you know there was a British series by the same name Prakash?? It is hilarious!

    Here is the link to Episode 2 called “Bertie is in Love”.
    YouTube has them all!!!
    Enjoy my friend….
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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