Don’t Be Surprised!

Dear Me,


One fine day, someone might take your photograph, crop and edit a few things and share it saying you have a cancer asking people to like and comment. Don’t be surprised. Just like you liked a photo shopped snake with three heads, you will have to like this too!

One fine day, someone will start spreading all bad things about you. You might never know how they will convert one of your treasured memories to a rumor that will burn you right from heart to mind. Don’t be surprised. You will have to accept your story just like you believed and accepted someone else’s story.

One fine day, you will hear bad stories about your favorite hero. You might not easily trust them. You will start searching for things which say, that was not the truth. Sit back and think, was your behavior the same when you heard bad stories about someone whom you did not like. Don’t be surprised!

* * * * *

One fine day, one who made you smile, will make you cry. Accept it the same way, the very same way you accepted the smile. Don’t be surprised. You are crying only because back then, you had smiled.


One fine day, you will feel alone. You will feel there is no one for you and you are on your own. All your thoughts get trapped. You will feel a few things have started making sense at the moment which once did not. Don’t be surprised. Everyone goes through this. But not everyone shares it. Intelligent ones know that it is a passing cloud.

One fine day, you will get humiliated. People, who used to laugh at your back, now laugh on your face. Though you show it out with smiling face, you heart sits inside like a questioned monkey. Don’t be surprised. Accept it. You have laughed once too.

One fine day, life will bring you realizations. You will understand what ‘mature’ means and the true essence of it.

One fine day, you will fall in love. Really! Accept with open arms.

Don’t be surprised!

13 thoughts on “Don’t Be Surprised!

  1. Acceptance & Letting Go hold the key to inner peace for me. I accept that people talk about me; make fun of me & sometimes betray our friendship.
    I have realized what others think of me is none of my business. It makes Life so much easier no worrying about others’ opinions (whether valid or invalid).
    Oh my…I think I am finally ‘mature’ Prakash. That only took 61 years! 🙂
    Great writing!
    Sherri-Ellen & P SH =^,.^=

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  2. Yes acceptance is the key as well as steering clear of people who do not give positive support. We all need validation & must make sure we surround ourselves with the right sort of people.
    When I was much younger I would ‘settle’ with being friends with people who were not so emotionally healthy for me. I sought acceptance outside of myself….not realizing I needed to accept myself first…
    Live & Learn 😉

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