Beyond Dreams

Dreams are the most quite things. You don’t talk or think about it a day, they silently disappear. They don’t feel bad even if you don’t touch them on for years. They are the most humble and modest creatures created ever. They prefer low talks. They prefer to stay behind the curtains for a long time. They prefer to show up only when they find meaning.


When we embrace them, they are the most joyful things. They bring the world together. They make one see the most meaningful things of life. Something unexplained, something larger than life.

Dreams are as well dramatic. If we are not talking about them on daily basis, then no else is. They die soon. When they die, the best part is ‘nothing happens’. Nothing changes. No one mourns. Thousands and more die every day. The one thing which everyone is most successful at is killing dreams.

How many have you killed so far? How many can find a life again? If you are not talking about it then no one else is.

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