The Duty Call

From the Chapters of The Void 

“I do it as I do. You see it as you do.”

 It’s the rain. The way it pours down to the earth. The way it then goes back up to form the clouds. It’s the transformation between that up and down. It’s the play of forms.

 But you see not everyone likes the rain. Not the dogs which have given birth to pups and they are drowning in rain. Not the one who has fallen sick. Not the one who has dressed up well and the plan was to head out. That does not lead to the conclusion that ‘rain isn’t good’.

Is the rain Bad?
Don’t know.
Is the rain good?
Don’t know.

The question is, ‘What does the rain feel?’ That is what matters. Rain is doing its duty. It means, well, you know.

 A void does its duty.  It gives an opportunity. Does it look good or bad?

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