Stamp – Spit? or Lick?

On a random day, I met a fool,
I stand there, see random rules.
Then I say,
That’s not, what was said,
That’s not, what was done,
That’s not, how it looks!
That’s not, how it happened.

I hear pointless laughs and mocks,
I feel like my own dirty socks,
Then I think,
And certainly understood,
For I opened my mouth,
I was the fool, on a random day!

24 thoughts on “Stamp – Spit? or Lick?

  1. WE have a saying here that when one says something silly/foolish/stupid ‘we put our foot in our mouth’s’. As I read your poem I thought of the saying.
    Oddly enough, last night I was speaking to an ex boyfriend & trying to console him. Somehow, I was a ‘random fool’ (with good intentions) & the ex ended up in tears….***sighs***
    I made a 60 yr old man cry…..I feel like my socks for sure this morning!
    Prakash you always capture Life so perfectly with your words~~
    Sherri-Ellen ❤

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