All That And All That!

That’s how it goes, it-seems!

Too messed up at times, too delayed in catching up the blogs, too late in replying to comments, too tired to write and post something, too too for something too! It’s late, but never that late!

It’s been long and while I progressed with my research works that came with necessary immediate deadlines, I lagged and missed my writing. I did write. I have been writing my new ebook called – “The Void” when I found some quick refreshment time and it will come out soon. It’s in half cut and I can ‘throw-this-out-anytime’ shape!

Here is a poem from the ebook “The Void”. I leave it half said and done as that is what makes much sense for now.

We cannot heal every pain,
We cannot erase every stain,
We cannot chase every shadow,
We cannot uplift every low,

 There is a shadow,
While there is a light,
There is a friend,
While there is a foe,

 When there is a friend,
There is a light,
There is a pain,
And still there is bright,

 I stand at start,
I feel infinite,
I do my finest,
Calms down my sight!

Keeping that aside, speaking about life and things, more than a fortnight ago, I completed my 31. Ahh, growing old is so mandatory, atleast in the number game. Being in a joint family with ten people, I had planned to cook for people at home for the day and spend the rest of the day reading something. As planned, it did happen that way. I cooked. It turned out delicious, as complimented by all who ate it (There were no recorded health issues after eating, so I have certain things assured. LOL).

My remaining day went in reading a heart soothing book – “The Forty Rules of Love.” I am going to make a review post for this soon, sometime really soon! The best part of the day was receiving and reading the letters sent by dear ones. It felt incredible! It feels good to know when people care and they write the expressions out taking time from life exhausting schedules.

After all that, it has been work and mostly that. I have this feeling that yesterday was May 31, when I cooked and read, and today is just the start of June. It was a gooey, velvety rush.  “Happy Sunday Everyone”, that I wish with smiles and glee, where my near-two-year-old son is trying to wish me a ‘Happy father’s day!’ in gibberish blabber.



63 thoughts on “All That And All That!

  1. Oh my, Happy Birthday, PH!! 31 is nothing–I’ll be 65 in September 🙂 I love your poem; can’t wait for the review of the book you’re reading; and my heart is so touched by your young son’s speech–treasure those moments, they fly by! God bless you and your family 🙂

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  2. Happy birthday! I loved that poem. It’s so beautiful. ” There is a shadow,
    While there is a light… ” That’s just marvelous. Good luck with your book and I’m sure that it’ll be brilliant! 😊

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  3. Oh Hi Prakash seeing you after the days you have now mentioned…
    Congrats on your coming ebook…
    The Age mandatory for me is 26 it is fixed….
    Nice to see you on Dad’s day….
    So soon end up with your toos’ ….
    Nice lines Man!
    Happy weekend….

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  4. The poem is brilliant indeed but I loved the the last line about your son more.
    Happy birthday Prakash ☺
    It’s so thoughtful of you to cook for your family. What did you cook
    You are lucky to be living in a joint family where one never feels lonely I guess.
    You are just one year older to me but all sorted in life
    Best wishes for your book !!

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  5. A lil kid wishing you a Happy Birthday in a blabbering way would be the ideal gift, I daresay 🙂
    Belated Happy Birthday, Prakash 🙂 Also, congratulations on your ebook 🙂 May you write lots more.

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  6. Happy 31st Birthday Prakash!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day….
    I love your sense of humour: no reported casualties from your cooking, hehehe….
    An your little one is almost 2? Where did the time go my friend?
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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