The Roads That Never Saw a Good Driver

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Do you realize that one can never be a good driver unless everyone on the road is a good driver?

It’s not only about you following the lights and rights but also about everyone else doing it and being extra careful on those who are being blind to it. Does that somewhere with some really good probability mean that the roads will never see a good driver? Yes, possibly that.

Does that mean that roads are always unhappy with that known fact?
Oh, no. They aren’t. They still celebrate. They enjoy the lights and the rains. They enjoy the wheels and the steps. They wear and tear with seasons and get a new coat with time. They always take the new avatar when they get old. They remain neutral to good or bad.

They are not the unvoiced ones. They shine in the light and wet in the rain. They go with the flow and color with the show. They read and see hundreds of stories everyday and still don’t be either judge or mental nor judge mental.

Ahhh! Its’ just not the roads! Do you see how similar it is with us and our lives?



66 thoughts on “The Roads That Never Saw a Good Driver

  1. Typo alert: missing a y on the “they” third sentence, second paragraph…..sounds like the roads are happy with their work and play….

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  2. This is what happens when a poet is stuck in traffic
    Great parallel drawn between roads and life!!
    Wish you good drivers and riders on your way !!

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