Missed Calls from Memory Silo

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My Not so Dear Memory,
Eww! This is such a sticky situation. I so much hate you for often putting me in this barrel of used-to suffocation.

I know my remembrance class isn’t very classy and come on, off course I am a professor and known for my memory skills universally, but, my brain isn’t that bad dumpster too. I got to write something for this competition where my memory skills came to rescue in a sticky situation and you can’t make me recall one such good one to pen down? Mean you! Not that I did not have any sticky situations at all. Okay, I had enough and many. Does that mean I never got escaped from such situation and was always bait? Hey no. I don’t remember any such happenings. Okay, may be a few.

Some of them quickly pass through my mind. May be they are not that great ones to put them down. Like that day when a student asked me where I got my degree from, I was baffled in the beginning and then later in minutes could remember and gave the answer. Once when my wife had asked to purchase eggs, I had almost reached home, I then suddenly remembered and rushed back and got them. Once a sweeper had latched the closed door from outside with me and a set of students giving exam in the hall and luckily I had the college principal’s phone number. Once my wife had asked me to remind her to watch her favorite show and I forgot. Then after many hours I switched on the television being scared and that show was for god’s good sake being repeat telecasted. Then, when I checked out after few hours, it was still there and again on weekend.

If you think they were not sticky situation, then hey, you don’t know how uncomfortable I was! It was indeed sticky. My pants had almost become sweat pants. But for this post, I rather need some good ones. Like really good ones.

On a happy note, I remember the month of my marriage anniversary. When my mobile is not switched off from low battery, the calendar app reminds me to take bath every day. I remember that the toilet seat goes up (wait, is it down? Nopes. Up it is!).  I know my wife’s favorite color is not red.  I know that my ATM pin is my date of birth number combination. I always use a pencil to write something so that there is always eraser available to correct the mistakes though I purchase an eraser almost every two days. Etc, etc, etc. That pretty much saves most of my sticky situations. Isn’t that a sign of good memory now? Well, I already have majority of the problems nailed. Don’t you see that?

Dear Memory,
You are so genius. You did bank me by giving the puzzled memories and five hundred words the very right way. Like every single time, you saved my kidney!

Written for a contest which asked to pen down 500 words for – “Memory skills came to rescue in a sticky situation

37 thoughts on “Missed Calls from Memory Silo

  1. Great post. Very relatable! Sometimes our memory power lets us down when we are counting on it the most! It’s ironic, really 😂 Wait, I hope my memory didn’t let me down again 🤔 I think that’s what ironic means. Anyway, keep on writing. 😊

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  2. Bitten by the bug called Forgetfulness…I wanted to say more but..my memory..I often blame my harmones. Quiet different from past posts . Enjoyed reading it..

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  3. Haha well done. I hate my memory for never keeping hold of the best jokes I hear. All I can remember are the dumb jokes. Like this one: What do you call a man with a rubber toe? Roberto!

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  4. This was such a fun read! So refreshing. My memory is pathetic too. I forget people’s names and stare at them blankly till I recall their name (I guess that makes me look like a creep, sometimes. Or so, I heard). Ha Ha!

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  5. It was a happy read..the incident of being locked up in an exam hall was pretty hilarious…
    Memory can put one in sticky situations indeed..now that I reflect on it. Maybe I just got a topic :p
    Anyways, Happy Blogging! Many congratulations on the new successful completions of IBMC 😊

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