Don’t Write Poetry.

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I read this amazingly beautiful poem by Charles Bukowski titled ‘But don’t write poetry‘ shared on Asha’s Blog. Thank you Asha for sharing the poem and I could not stop my self penning this down as an inspiration from the poem.


Emotions might get unreal,
Mind could fly to a world of illusion,
Beliefs might fling,
Life might seem amusingly beautiful,
When words might find solitude,
Lines might jazz,
Sadness might mourn,
Expressions might bleed,
Darkness might disappear,

One might see the fictional steps,
To the fairy land of dreams.
Don’t write poetry!


48 thoughts on “Don’t Write Poetry.

  1. what can I say
    i write poetry my life
    in solitude

    yet to read
    the original
    will it please

    you tease
    your words spectres
    roaming blind

    then ouch pain
    spectres hit a nerve

    my words poetry
    please do not say do not write
    with words i explore
    wonderlands fairylands dreams
    the heartlands of my soul

    I will if you will, keep writing poetry!

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