The Writer’s Love

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For some it’s THE day,
For some a day,
While some are for,
And some against!

A day,
Like every day,
Still a day,
Not like every other day.

No complex terms,
Nothing intricate,
Just that utterance,

One who loves,
To write – writes,
Celebrates the day, everyday,
The best possible way.

60 thoughts on “The Writer’s Love

  1. Crap! I must like Brooding like a ominous grey cloud! the pacing meditation ring a feet worn below ground level. ug how i’ll circle BLISSFULLY as if by fate…swirl swirl swirling … okay maybe not that much hyperbole 😀 but 😉
    here’s a bad bad joke- why is a circle proof of the gods? – – more than a line a to b it’s encircling everything harmoniously…no? but cut a circle in half with razor logic and what do you have but a smile and a frown. it really does depend on how one percieves directions to sense the miracle in that freedom

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  2. a day when anyone starts his/her passion is THE DAY.. whether its love, write, dance, play etc.. in short PASSION & LOVE for what we do.. if its love- love passionately, if you write- write with heart.. I like the way you have presented THE DAY.. a special day.. 🙂

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  3. May your love for writing, people, relationships of all kind and love for yourself grow further !!
    Happy Valentine’s day
    Loved the way you extended the dimensions of celebrating this day to the love for writing too !!

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  4. Absolutely LOVE this poem! What your wrote resonated with me. When I was married to Paul (who I met on Valentine’s Day) I felt every day was Valentine’s Day. We did not ‘wait’ for a special day to express our love for each other!
    We were a romantic pair ❤ ❤
    And even tho' he has been gone for 21 years, I still love him as if it were the first day (Valentine's Day) that I met him…..
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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