Happily Ever After – Ehh?

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After growing up listening to pixie tales and movies which put in the picture of ‘happily ever after’, the query is that, are we still kid enough to be told that ‘if it’s not happy, it’s still not the end’?

May be its different than what we think. When I sit with a novel and read some heart soothing pieces, I do sense the happily ever after moment. I do feel the same, while for the happy personal and professional moments. But I very well also know that they are momentary. Perfectly assured is that body and soul reaches the happily ever after when we stop living and while others mourn, we rejoice for leaving this sullied world behind.

My intentions are not to pull the same old thread of discussion that it is a myth and we need to learn to live by the moment blah blah stuff. Our ancestors have built an institution of ‘Happily Ever After’ and there must be some real take home to it. May be it’s a phase wise phenomenon that can never be understood. May be it’s a series of stitched stories which all have a happy ending, giving happiness one step at a time, one after the other.

I think it’s possibly this and many more:

  • One has to understand that pain is inevitable and suffering is like really and really optional
  • One needs to learn to use the energy through a positive channel
  • It is completely senseless to brag and cry over a problem for days and weeks
  • When conscience and actions are in the play ground, actions should passionately join the pace
  • Life has no meaning without ‘mad deep passionate never ending love’ towards something at every and any given point of time
  • Slow moving lives who take years to decide minimal something, might end up with nothing
  • Something is really not right if we have time and don’t know how to use it


75 thoughts on “Happily Ever After – Ehh?

  1. ” HAPPY EVER AFTER” does not mean that there won’t be tough time.. but facing it with love and care and strength.making each day happy. Facing the tough moments with patience and endurance and till staying happy every day is ” HAPPY EVER AFTER”.

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  2. Happily ever after is only what we find in books. Life is a different ball game altogether. How we face challenges in life and our attitude towards things in general defines our happiness.
    You’ve put your thoughts so well together. Stay happy 🙂

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  3. I love the happily ever afters. They keep me going in the tough times, what am I even saying? Life is always tough. There are only few moments of happiness in it. One reason I like to read or watch movies with the “happily ever after” theme. I get to escape the real world for a little while

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  4. Very interesting philosophy.
    I think this one is the absolutely necessary condition: “Life has no meaning without mad deep passionate never ending love towards something at every and any given point of time”

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  5. Happily ever after are great escape indeed hence the demand and supply. If life is gloomy and in your novel or movie you make the onlookers experience pain and disappointments even in the end then there would be very few takers.
    Great Article Prakash but I believe we need to feel each emotion be it bragging and crying about our problems on lengths or celebrating our lives achievement or happy moments for a minute, day, weeks or months. One can’t be just sober at sad times and extremely happy and charged at others.
    I feel freedom in celebrating whatever the emotion be – happy, excited, angry, sad, rebellious, peaceful or whatever. Try celebrating even the negative emotions without guilt, shame or being conscious of others and you will feel liberated.
    I write daily and it’s a different emotion or experience daily by default.
    Good read
    Cheers !!

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    • True! It’s a mixture of varying emotions and to see the happiness in all of it.

      I guess that ‘Happy’ stands on top of the pyramid. That is why we all long for it. Like try to see that in every part.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It made me see my post in a different perspective.. 🙂

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      • Happiness above all for sure. We feel different emotions all the time but nobody looks forward to feeling sad, hurt, lonely or left out etc etc.
        We have to customise our life to carve more moments of feeling happy and blessed and this need make us reach out for art or days or traditions that prime this feeling of joy.
        Glad you liked the other perspective too !!
        Happy writing !!

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  6. Very good thoughts and since I am older I can tell you from my life experience all of the thoughts at the end of your post are absolutely right. So, young people reading this post…..listen up! PH is right.

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  7. The very idea of ” there is nothing like happily ever after but happily ever always” is so deep and magnificent. Yes sir, happiness passed on to one after other is the entire idea behind the fuss. In my opinion life isn’t discrete it rather is continuous in nature, meaning thereby there can be no happy moments or sad phase, it’s all the more an immiscible solution of both. More often we are so engrossed in doing nothing that we focus on the separation tendencies of the two emotions and create a mound of it.

    Such a grand thought sir, it’s wonderful to read it and to see such thoughts will reach millions!

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  8. For me happily ever after is being together and facing all the ups and downs in life together, giving moral support to each and being there for each other. Life would be very boring if there was only happiness in life. We would not even know it was happiness. Regards.

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  9. Great 👍 post Prakash and so well written. You have said it so correctly that Happy Ever After is there for sure, but one has to work for that phrase and it is so good to be that instead of creating unnecessary tensions. One has to really work towards it.

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  10. This is your best piece yet (or best that I remember!)–really spoke to my heart, PH, because I’m learning that you just never know what’s around the corner. God has brought someone into my life–NOT a romance, but the best true-from-the-heart love I’ve ever experienced. To finally be cared for, with no agenda–and a commitment to “be there for me”–it’s like finding gold, a miracle, such a gift. I pinch myself everyday, as I can’t believe I have such a wonderful nephew–I’d given up believing that I deserved someone, thought I’d just have to manage life alone “forever”. Thanks for saying things so well in this post 🙂

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  11. OK! PH! I am finding you EVERYWHERE I turn. You are just as ‘important’ as yours truly. (As if lol) Could the difference be only a matter of age? Nay! So? What’s the difference between our ‘importants’? That sure is an intriguing question. Have to take it to the Master. I’ll see what He answers me.

    But why am writing this comment? Because, somehow from my Readers and your name I wound up in Smashwords. WHAT? All those wonderful titles. All for free. Could spend a big hunk of time reading, reading but! When would I have time to write & publish as I am impelled to do?

    Search a little more. Ha! I can publish here myself! Opened account. Downloaded Guide. Time to read Guide and start this project? Man! Can’t do now. Have to finish what’s in my plate. I wait. Father will show me.

    Hum! PH from AWAI? Wonder if this is my same PH I so much admire?

    Now? Minding my task. Check multitude of responses from blogs I have forgotten somehow. I’ll take care of responses later. Ah! Here is an interesting comment on a post posted a lonngg time ago. Let’s see what that post is all about? Wow! It’s just what I need to include in my present project! Have to turn that post into a booklet.

    Back to inbox. Hey! PH like my post A Cry From One Crying In The Wilderness Of People! Let’s check him out!

    Happily Ever After – Ehh? Man! That PH can come up with some good, good food for thought! So glad you visited. So glad I visited. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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    • He he.. I am so glad to hear that. Smashwords has really helped me and made a lot of my publishing work simple. So far I have preferred to keep my works free and it feels good that way. 🙂

      I am not aware of AWAI. I only googled it now and got some information. 🙂

      I will head to your blog and read that sometime soon. Thank you so much for so much love and wishes. This was happiness.. 🙂


      • O PH! What a breath of fresh air you are! Unbelievable what is happening in my way! Been patiently waiting on Father to show me the way. For me the waiting is a miracle in itself so, I wait.

        Well? I wait but, I keep hoping for Father to hurry up! Nothing is working, my Father! Not even PH has noticed my comment. O my Father! I am hurting badly. I can’t turn my neck. My whole body is in pain. And now that nasty edema! HELP! HELP! HELP!

        Know what, PH? I can’t ruffle my Father’s feathers. He is doing His work at His appointed time no matter how I squirm and rant and rave under the stress of duress!

        Then, the calm and acceptance of my momentary plight. I return to my attitude of waiting with passionate trust & confidence on my Father! He never leaves nor forsake me no matter what!

        Then, eat your cooking, fix & drink your green tea, go to your inbox. Hey! Here he is! PH! Hahaha! HalleluYah!

        I’m working on the proposal for the Plan Of Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation. Next? Perhaps Smashwords. Much to do in between. And don’t feel sorry for my pain predicament. In due time it will all disappear! To Father be the honor! Much love, thiaBasilia 🙂

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        • My month ends get busy with wrapping up of lot of things that were started at the month begin. Personal and professional. It’s kind of fun too. 🙂

          I hope and pray that you improve and get better with health – wishing for a speedy recovery.

          You have pretty things lined up. That’s wow. 🙂 I am going to take a day or two and reach to rad your writings. 🙂

          Yayy! Thank you so much for the thoughts. 🙂


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