Owl, Who?

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An owl disguised as a crow,
Barged in at day light,
Soliciting superfluous questions,
Crafting pointless propositions!

It wanted to seize a trade,
Forgetting dark was its arena.
It wanted to rule the light,
As a self declared king!

Where poise flew excess,
Uneven mind lost its conviction,
Even its fart smelled perfume,
Loyalty had left the room.

Fellow owls had a meeting that night,
No one could track its fate.
For it was not seen by any,
That day was end of its many!

Tagging for the daily post prompt: Uneven

35 thoughts on “Owl, Who?

  1. That owl was destined to meet the light
    It had to follow it’s own fate

    This is the comment on second read, on first read, I was reading it seriously till I got to the point of it’s fart was a perfume and I couldn’t stop laughing

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  2. Very interesting poem Prakash….
    I really liked the image of an Owl trying to be a Crow…..
    Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry
    P.S.: The Purrince wanted me to tell you he has a Crow friend named Krishna…..I wonder if he can change into an Owl? Hehehe….

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