Beyond 24 – Novel

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Time is hideous, rigid and always on time. From time travel machine to fast forward future, time has been visualized in varying dimensions. The exquisiteness of time is that it always gives a new perspective to investigate and inspire.

Beyond 24 is a love story where the hours of time are bound to love. Time arranges meet of two people, everyday increased by an hour. The question is what happens on the 25th day!

It is a quick read (Like 30 minutes) and I assure that the curiosity will keep on. It’s also a FREE download!

It’s available here:

Beyond 24

Let me know if you give a read! Yayy!

36 thoughts on “Beyond 24 – Novel

  1. It was really good. Held my attention from the start right until the end. Very unique πŸ™‚ I loved the way it ended, I was expecting death and destruction πŸ˜€

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