NaNoWriMo: Journey from 0 to 50K

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Look what November of 2016 did!


Every journey has a take-away in it. NanoWriMo had a lot more than the happiness of having 50k word count, winner title, certificate and few goodies.

It was not about 50k word count. It was how each word added to the count making it 50k. The journey started with sprints organized by WRIMO INDIA group. I used to write at morning 11.00 am and night 9.00 pm sprints which were 30 minutes each. In each sprint which used to happen either on twitter, NaNo forum or Facebook, I got 1000 plus words. As there were fellow writers writing along with me, it added an extra zeal and passion to aim for the highest word count in every sprint. While free I used to plan what to write during the sprint schedules. As there was a good progress with initial two sprints per day, I started hosting a sprint at 7.00 pm and managed to do so in the last two weeks of the month. By 25th of the month I had hit my 50k. The last 5 days were the toughest. I had to write around 7k more and was short of words. Had to look for plots to fit inside the novel and extend it.

Through the November, I made many new friends, interacted with other writers, got a chance to motivate other writers, I can append this list with a lot many such. There were people with much hectic schedule and commitments than mine but still had every hope of writing and making it to the word count. They did. The Facebook group was a “never-give-up environment”. The India ML’s and other writings WRIMOs were equally encouraging to anyone who wants to write. The NaNoWriMo site had a lot of inspirational materials too. The pep talks, regular events, forum discussions, encouraging statistical charts all made the journey worth its every step. Though November had its own personal and professional commitments, with the existing support it was not difficult for the novel to keep baby steps every day and turn to fully fledged youth in month’s time. It had just glued into the daily routine, perfectly!


Above all of it, there is happiness of getting the first draft of novel ready. There is an excitement that now I want to experiment and try out the various sequencing of chapters to best fit the flow of plots. I am all ready for the edit and fill the missing gaps and loops. I will be releasing a novel as ebook and free download.

Look what November of 2016 did! It packed me bundles of cherish-able memories and left me wanting for more! My sincere thanks to everyone who supported in the journey and making it through.  Well, I now know my plans for November! Every November ahead!

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30 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Journey from 0 to 50K

  1. Kudos Prakasah! It is clear that you not only displayed the discipline and drive to complete but motivated others as well to achieve the milestone!

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