NaNoWriMo 2016 – Week 2 Updates

It has been a long running week with lots of commitments and travels. I still have blogs, comments and posts to follow up and will do that sometime soon. Thank you to all the fellow bloggers for being so supportive. Amidst all, here goes my NaNoWriMo updates for week two:


Day 14 has started and I am yet to update my word count. Until day 13, here are the stats:


Pre-work in week one did help in balancing the word count for week two. I have a total of 27,741 words and almost done with the main plot of the novel. Well, it’s not going to be easy ahead unless some new characters or plots are not pitched in!

Crossing the half mark of 25k words was fun. On November 13th there was a day long marathon sprint in WRIMO INDIA group. Hosting a session and joining few sprints helped me back to kick off after a break.

If you are participating as well, add me as your buddy there. My id is prakash_hegade. Happy writing everyone! Smiles! 


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