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Adit had a big day coming up. He was excited about the interview result which was supposed to be declared anytime. Mean while he had another big one lined up in two days.  The same day morning he had a presentation scheduled with his manager. It was a critical report and solely the responsibility of Adit. Mean while at home, there were some family responsibilities lining up from almost a week.

Adit was having this feeling of urgency. Life was moving at an undeterminable path. There was a rush.  There was hurry in everything he did. There was a call for urgency from every end. And when finally it was the day,

The family priorities were left unfinished, led to arguments, unfulfilled duties; he skipped his breakfast and reached office. While the presentation started, because of some unfinished jobs from manager side, all blame was sided to Adit. The presentation was halted in between asking him for a better. It was this monstrous manager for whom Adit wanted to change his job for. Just then, after the lunch, there was a mail which stated the rejection of his interview. It was a dream job rejection. Adit was soaking into a deep realm of thoughts.  The only left hope was another interview scheduled in the evening, which he failed too.

That day, Adit cried. His whole body cried. There was a call for urgency, an urgent need for rest. With no further decisions, he lay down on his bed and was into dreamless, thoughtless sleep.

Next day morning, he was stronger than ever before. Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Realistically.

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The Painted Me

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I want to paint myself as a candle,
Glow with happiness, bright and shine,
Burn myself and stay divine,
Well, that’s not me!

I want to paint myself as a pen,
Unlimited ink, thoughts so pure,
Into the paper, into the heads,
Well, that’s not me!

I want to paint myself colorless,
Go invisible, go unseen,
Go to the mountains jump with joy,
Well, that’s not me!

I got colors, the painted me,
There is some white and some black,
For a change, I change every day,
Well, now that must be me!

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A Tasty Marriage

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This poem is written for Limerick Challenge Week 41: Taste. The challenge is hosted by Rashmi and can be reached at: Mind and Life Matters.


He liked it spicy and hot,
She liked sweetness a lot,
Tasty differences,
Varied preferences,
Marriage, a blissful jackpot.

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Also tagging for the daily post prompt: Promises. Marriages carry many unsaid promises to agree and settle for all the similarities and differences! That’s how the journey of two gets tastier and delicious.

We Learn

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We learn to live in the mess.
Sometimes it’s the room which is messed up and sometimes it’s the head.

We learn to live through uncertainties.
Be it a festival or a normal day, we learn that uncertainties are non detachable packages and have to be carried on.

We learn to live decisions.
A minor or a major, they come with cause and effects and we learn to live the priorities.

We learn to live the time.
Between all those little come and goes, those little moments teach us how to live and thrive.

We learn to live with hate.
Smarty pants or a shit head, love or hate, they teach us to move ahead.

We learn to live with another.
Friend or a foe, they bring people together.

We learn to live with Ignorance.
When stupidity reaches its peak, ignorance is bliss and we learn to live with it, with profundity.

We learn to live with broken heart.
It was meant to be broken and we learn that it is easier to live that way. Broken creates gap and creates space for more.

We learn to live with dreams.
They are going to flourish one day and open up more to follow.

We learn to live with Arguments.
They brings the good ones near.

We learn.
To Live.

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Service for Realization

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This post is written for:

1. Three Line Tales Challenge Number 36.  It is a challenge put forth by Sonya from Only 100 Words, where we write a three line tale for the supplied image.

2. Daily post prompt for the word : Realize


It was tenth year anniversary of the orphanage for physically disabled and they were standing in front of service all day and night.

Serving food to the homeless was a priceless celebration.

The cars passing by had zero realization of it.

So You Shall Reap

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This story is written for Sunday Photo Fiction: 02 October 2016. The task is to write a short story of 200 words or less for the supplied photograph.


It was his own school where he had studied. It was in the same class room where he had learnt how to be successful in life. Now after being a rich successful man he had all plans to bring this school down and construct a resort. Expanding his business was his number one agenda and he did not wanted anything to be obstacle for it.

Look at what fate did. His son fell sick the same month and he was not allowed to be away from home. Doctor had strongly recommended home food, as hostel food was not coping up with his body. The allergies were prone to get serious if the same hostel food environment was continued.

This was the only school in the home city and the only option he had was to reconstruct the school back. The school authority welcomed him and his son with a smile.

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