The Goodness Dilemma


In the fleet of time,
While life got hard,
Celebrating the disconnect,
The good got bad.

One missed goal,
Hundred still achieved,
Picky society,
The good got bad.

My own life,
My own rules,
Because I say so,
The good got bad.

With the pressure unwanted,
Grew weaker mind,
Though it’s still good,
The good got bad.

All the praises,
Are now the complains,
Life is moving on,
While the good got bad.

Tagging this poem for the Daily Post Prompt: Facade.Β Good or Bad, it could just be a Facade!

16 thoughts on “The Goodness Dilemma

  1. I think my ratio of missed to made goals is probably closer to 100 missed for 1 achieved, but I was listening to this Snoop Dog interview the other day, and he said he went to jail around 30 times for marijuana. He is probably considered one of the greatest weed smokers alive, and his story made me think “even to achieve greatness in that, he had to absorb 30 failures along the way”

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