The Void

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From the lights of sun,
Glows the entirety,
Presenting the days,
Glows the locality.


Prison the winds,
Prison the air,
Fools you around,
Escapes everywhere.


As the water flows,
Changes no color,
Lucid and transparent,
You own it or rent.


Housed by the soil,
Food and the bed,
The land lushes green,
Even and serene.



Under this even share,
All equal and fair,
Originates numerous lies,
Rests the dirty human game.


23 thoughts on “The Void

    • Thank a many.. 🙂

      I have seen some of your updates on FB. Absent is really okay. It really feels good when in-spite of all that you still take time to read and comment on posts. You really are a wonderful person.

      I can definitely understand how life can get all messy at times. I myself have been absent at many times over.

      Warm wishes.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is why I like FB. We can keep up with each other & not be totally out of touch! I feel so badly when I do not visit you here. I LOVE your writing…
        I tend to gather up a bunch of your blogs & then sit for an hour reading thru them.
        I am SURE with a 1 year old you know ALL about messy times, hahaha…
        Warm wishes to you & your family, Sherri-Ellen 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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