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This post is written for IndiSpire Edition number 136. The prompt given is:

If you had 6 chairs on your dining table, which celebrities would you invite to dinner and why? #Celebritydinner

It is a warm Sunday evening, dining hall calling for a celebration. I have been waiting for my five guests while the soothing flute recitals are being played and vegetarian delicious food being cooked.

Here is my list of invited, expected guests. They will be here in no time!

Number one, the father of Computer Science, Alan Turing.


He is the one I adore and worship. He gave life to computers. He streamlined engineering well before in time. There are so many topics I would want to discuss with him starting from the concept of state transitions, enigma, AI etc. Though he is no more, I would still want a seat for him. Keep his works / books on the seat along with a picture and feel his presence.

Number two, film director, auteur, producer, screenwriter and music director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali.


I have been fan of his movie narration. Though lately they all have tragic climax, they connect to the heart and leave a lasting effect. The speak the love out loud. I would want to discuss about his creativity and how he brings all that to work. He definitely is a perfectionist!

Number three, novelist, screenwriter and film producer, J. K. Rowling.


I would like to thank her for giving Harry Potter Series books, which was a significant part while growing up. I would like to discuss about how she creates and links even little things to make the plot so lively and curios.

Number four, cricketer, M. S. Dhoni.


The captain cool. I would like to thank him for giving us so many wow and proud moments. One who knows how to deal the deals. The only one whom I like from cricket, sure has a lot of questions on how he works in a team.

Number five, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.


He is the one who has brought hopes in politics and to the country. I would like to thank him for his dedicated busy schedule for working towards the progress of the country. The real life role model.

Well, there goes my list. Do you have one as well?

26 thoughts on “The Celebrity Dinner

  1. Alan Turing is in my list too.😁😁
    Frederick Forsyth instead of JK; he’s a real-life ex-Spy and an author. And, Rowan Atkinson, electrical engineer with a post graduation degree and actor. 😁😁

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  2. I would like to have dinner with the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S show because i just love them , they made to laugh like anything by their shows. when i was feeling low, i used to watch friends but your list is only of 5 ,i can’t eliminate any of them.So here you go my list would be Jennifer Aniston,David Scwimmer,Courteney cox,Mathew perry,Leblanc,Lisa kudrow.

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  3. That is some list Prakash!! WOW!!
    At my dinner I would like:
    1) Mother Theresa
    2) Ghandi
    3) Buddha Guatama
    4) my Father Henry Heinz Theilheimer
    5) Sigourney Weaver (American Actress)
    An unusual list I know….. Mother Theresa lived what she believed as did Ghandi as he tried to care for India. Buddha attained Enlightenment….what more needs to be said there?
    My Father because he was my #1 supporter thru my Life & was a very spiritual & intelligent man.
    Sigourney Weaver for her amazing acting talent & for showing women thru her acting we CAN be strong & self empowered.
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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  4. I chose my Father as he was a Holocaust Survivor of WW11 in Germany. He met Adolf Hitler & survived….
    My father was a humble & gentle man despite what he went thru’.
    I think we both would have fabulous discussions with ‘our people’ we chose!

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