33 thoughts on “We All Run!

  1. Book is a priceless gift and Happy Birthday to your little angel πŸ™‚
    Congratulations for this book. I’ve downloaded it and once I’ll finish reading it, I’ll definitely share my thoughts
    Best Wishes!!

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  2. I admit, I find it hard to read e books. Somehow my speed gets slow but you have done a great well job in your book that once I started reading, my interest developed and I find it hard to close the tab.
    The rhythm in your poetic verses is very impressive. I liked reading them very much.
    Here are some of my favourite quotes from book
    There’s a rush in a run and it is amazing.
    Run does not have a finish line.
    Happiness is earned, sorrows are earned too, dedication earn success..
    A great well job done writing the book!!!!

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      • And, from now on I’ll keep on reminding myself that if I’m running then it’s only because I’m hopeful and grateful for a beautiful day.
        In the start the pace of the book is little bit slow but gradually it’s so very gripping. The rhyming scheme goes well with text and then the final chapter holds strong message.
        Congratulations for writing your dream book!!!

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        • It all started with final chapter as first and then it moved down the ladder. That final chapter was all I initially had to say.

          Like you have said in the first sentence, so what i believe too. There is always a hope that tomorrow will be more beautiful.

          Thank you for giving such a meaningful message/comment for the book. πŸ™‚ Thank you… πŸ™‚

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