Run – The Secret Destination


“If you can follow the silence,

If you can love the hate,

If there is thyself in those eyes,

If gestures make the talk,

If you can sparkle in the bright,

If you can breathe the breathe,

If you can forget who you are,

You have started the RUN.”

This has been like my dream project and have loved writing each and every sentence of it. All set to be out on September 11, 2016 as a free ebook.

Run has a color,
Run has a measure. 

Run washes the color,
Run exceeds the measure. 

Run demands a new color,
Run questions the measure. 

Dye with a new color,
Forget the measure. 


40 thoughts on “Run – The Secret Destination

  1. Congratulations for the completion of your dream project. Sure, Sept 11 is going to be a big day for you.
    Run… The secret destination, I like the sense of depthness here and I loved reading these rhyming lines 🙂

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  2. The title is catching enough….Most of us are running in life, but where, or from whom or what…..It would be interesting to see your take on RUN…..the poem intrigues me….Congrats on completing your dream…..Very few are able to do that…!

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  3. Lovely….reminded me of my Track & Field days…all the training for competitions…all the extra running alone, by myself. It was the best time for me…..
    Thank you for reminding me of this time of my Life & congratulations on completing your project!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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