Unexpected Prize


This story is written for Sunday Photo Fiction: 03 July 2016. The task is to write a short story of 200 words or less for the supplied photograph.


It was a competition.

10 water droplets were asked to hang from a branch. The one that lasted longer was announced to be declared as a winner and the most appreciated title ‘Droplet of the Year’. There was a jury of panelists and million other water droplets present to witness this mega event.

It was almost past an hour and all the ten droplets were still holding firm, while one of the droplets lost control and dropped down. The woo’s and eee’s were heard and applause for the remaining. But what the nine watched was the happiness expressed by earth when it quenched its little thirst with that droplet.

Just then, a tiny tired bird came and rested on the branch with a exhausted face by the continuous flapping. All the droplets joined to form a single large one and winked at the bird. The bird gulped it and flew away happily.

Every right service has a prize ,
And at times they are in disguise.

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Shoe the Legs

Indian Bloggers

Three Line Tales (TLT) is a challenge put forth by Only 100 Words. The Challenge is to write a three line tale for the supplied image.

Here is my take for the Week Number Twenty Two:


Legs were hanging from the drawers and upper part of the body was missing!

The shop had decided that is how they would advertise the shoes.

The stuffed legs looked so real!

Unwanted Gathering


In a meeting uncalled,
There were members uninvited,
Swirling up things,
Making up twigs,
And tangled twists.

Unwanted members,
Unwanted discussions,
Washes the brain,
Drains the vein,
Leaving messed up lane.

Like my head sticks a ‘wanted’ poster,
And a satisfying reward,
They rush in with speed,
Position some seed,
Which is only a weed.

You came in uninvited,
You will go away the same,
Get away from me,
I will set you all free,
Go; hunt a new home!