The Fourth Day

This post is written for the Indispire Edition Number 120. Here is the supplied prompt:

Write a love story with no human, animal or any living characters in it!



Day one:
There was a new fountain pen residing on the reading table. The blue pen stand which was vacant once now had a family and ‘boring look’ was not its forte anymore! The pen had moved out from its old family pack of pens to serve its ultimate purpose. There was a sort of disturbed contention. The pen had imaginations. It had words. It was searching for a line of attack to explode.

Day two:
The table had an ink pot.  The flower pot nearby blooming with golden yellow flowers enhanced its beauty. The ink pot winked at the pen nearby and exclaimed, “I see you are thirsty. Go on. Quench your thirst.” The pen smirked and gave an ‘I will do it soon’ stare.

Day Three:
The table had a new book with a few tens of pages. Every time book had a thought, its page got a color.  The book was as clueless as a baby wondering why so many colors and what they make. Among-st all this confusion was also a feeling of soothe and one of the pages went red. Oopsie! There was a color for every emotion!

Day Four:
The pen gulped the ink and crawled towards the paper. It was unclear about how to express all this feeling of placate. With no words to express it just made this symbol on a red turned paper.

fourth day

It was then a question to decide what this expression was. It was unconditional. It was collaboration. It lacked words. Then there was a whisper which echoed ‘love’.

Note: This story is said to be originally scribbled on a parchment thousands of years ago. The characters quill, ink and parchment have been replaced with pen, ink and paper respectively to counterpart to the context.

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