Mom’s Kid


This poem is the lyrical expression of how my mother felt and still feels for me and my wife about our son. I have tried my best to put them down. This is a dedication to the mom’s on the occasion of Mother’s day.

The tiny little hands
When hold mine,
All of my worries,
Just go fine.

His blabbering words,
To call me maa,
Brings down the heaven,
I dance with bliss.

When I see my kid,
I become one,
No matter age,
Still the little one.

His actions bring smile,
His smiles bring more,
The more is always less,
And it is never enough.

The kid is the inspiration,
Kid is the dream,
He keeps my hope going,
Like to the infinity.

Dragon and Invite – Haiku

This post is written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge Number 95. The task is to write a Haiku using the words dragon and invite.


The haiku covers the fact about what happens if you invite the unwanted into your life.

party on fire,
invitation to dragon,
burnt down to ashes.


The Story of Likes


Like I said, like you heard,
Like I wanted, like you are.
My likes and dislikes,
Are your dislikes and likes,
Union is bigger,
Intersection is slender,
Likes of types and materials,
Dislikes of people and nature,
I disagree your dislikes,
You disagree my likes,
One thing you have liked,
Of my likes,
Is me liking you!
And now that is why,
I Love You.