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This post is written for the Indispire Edition Number 118. Here is the supplied prompt:


Three significant and immensely necessary skillful values you want to impart to your kids or the next generation to sustain in this world. #Values

Here are the three Skillful values for the kids of upcoming generation:

  • Technology is not life
  • Technology! Is not life
  • Technology, is not life

Technology is not life
You will see many gadgets along you grow. They will be in need along the ride. They are the support system of life. But they are not life. The aim of life is to use technology only to increase the comfort level.

Technology! Is not life
There is life outside. Talk to people. As much as possible do works by interacting to people. Make friends. Learn the values. Help the needy. Get the works done online only while in critical need. For technology will not teach the life lessons. There are beautiful people out there!

Technology, is not life
Technology comes with a comma not a period. Use it to bridge the gap. It must act as connector between two. Use technology to travel. Use it to explore. Use it to learn. Use it to invent. Learn, write and share!

20 thoughts on “Life and Technology

  1. Well said. Anything can become a boon or bane depending upon its usage interalia. And technology is no exception.
    The last point with a comma and how it can be used to ‘connect’ was a great example πŸ™‚

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  2. But life is also nothing without Technology, I guess. It is necessary to give time to your family, and use tech in a limit. But Tech is important. Those people who don’t have social life that much, Mostly like me, I don’t like much having parties and all, for people like them this tech mean so much.

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