False Favorites


I wasn’t very sure until lately that a category called ‘false favorites’ would exist. Now I feel that may be its necessary to define one such cluster and push all the relevant things. Those relevant things which have now become irrelevant which no more excite, even in little possible way. There is nothing wrong in having a false favorite. They are the ones where ‘that thing’ was so much favorite to you and suddenly a small incident or just nothing has changed that most wanted to most unwanted. You just don’t want to see that or be with it anymore.

I am not talking about the song which was your favorite, which got looped infinitely in your player and now bored of it. Because of the reason that after a certain gap of time, you would still prefer to listen to that song. It is rather something else. Let me rest my case.

I always hated my school life and preferred my pre-university life. My school life was hectic and full of responsibilities. At home as well as at school. It was a lot of interaction. Being part of business at home to taking responsibilities and doing works at school made me only tired. School was an irritation.  When I stepped to my college life, I was mostly alone and definitely liked it. Less responsibilities and made very few friends. I was happy studying at my own will and had the happiest two years. Least bothered about what I eat and what I do and rather only cared of what I read and what I learn.

Now, after like 10+ years, when I look back, I so much hate my college life. School life has so many memories to cherish. Though I was always the most teased one at school, it is all happiness now. When I look back I don’t have any of my college memories that are significant apart from the good results I secured. I am glad my engineering life was so much better. In the case, my 2 years of pre-university life is my false-favorite. Though it was good then, it is something I don’t want to look back now.

Do you have any such false favorite?

18 thoughts on “False Favorites

  1. Sir! I was shocked when I just read the starting few lines😝 if you know what I mean😜
    Well a very straight forward article sir 😊😊 smooth flow of the gut feel 😀

    A feeling from no where all of a sudden 😀

    Well I hope some favourites will always remain 😀

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    • I can imagine what you would have thought after reading first few lines.. he he.. 😀
      I attended a school friends wedding. It was reunion of like 25 school mates like after 13 years. So came up with this post. Thank you.. 🙂
      And yeah, some favorites are all time! 🙂


  2. I never thought about the idea of a false favorite, but it makes so much sense. As much as I love solitude too, it rings that one decades time, it’s not the aloneness I’d want to remember. Thanks Prakash

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